Alex and Don’s Wedding at Home

Alex and Don’s Wedding at Home

Alex and Don don’t live in Vancouver, so planning their wedding here was not really an option. Alex’s parents wanted to take on the task of planning everything. Living in a beautiful home in West Vancouver gave Alex’s parents an opportunity to create a very cozy and warm environment for a beautiful wedding right at their door step. It meant a lot to them all.

After the ceremony we didn’t have to go far to get some beautiful shots of the newlyweds along with their bridal party and family. The house is located within walking distance to a beautiful view to the water, with rocks all around. The weather turned out amazing even though the weather report was showing high chances of rain. Glad we didn’t need those umbrellas we brought with us.

Their home held over 70 guests on September 6. Since many guests were from out of town Alex’s parents wanted to make sure they have a lot of food that represented Vancouver. That included several stations in different areas throughout their garden where people could mingle and have what they wished including pacific salmon, ravioli, a variety of meats and cheeses, sandwiches, sweets such as tarts and blueberry pie for their cake and so much more. All this food was sourced and made locally. The evening continued as we left. The fire pit, hot chocolate, friends playing guitar and people signing along to some well-known tunes made the night so much more memorable. What a beautiful way to celebrate such an event. Could there have been a better way to end a great day than to be warm, cozy and close to each other with friends and family, in their parents’ backyard?

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Wedding Photography, courtesy of professional photographer, Marincat Photography

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