Wedding Photography – Gaylene & Danny’s Wedding

Wedding Photography – Gaylene & Danny’s Wedding

Once you spend just a little time with Gaylene and Danny you will quickly realize just how important family is to both of them. Both, Gaylene and Danny are very loving people and take really good care of their family. Gaylene has several grandchildren. Their parents, kids and most importantly grandchildren where such a bit part of their wedding. Hiring professional photographers for them meant a lot, but it was more to make sure that lots of family photos and candid shots of their grandchildren were captured, not just the two of them. They wanted their grandkids on lots of photos. It almost seemed as if their wedding was more about their family. So we made sure to capture lots of photos of their family members.

Gaylene and Danny absolutely loved all the candid shots of their grandchildren, family, and friends. Glad we were able to capture what was so important to both of them.

Wedding Photography 0

Wedding Photography 1

Wedding Photography 3

Wedding Photography 4

Wedding Photography 5

Wedding Photography 7


Wedding Photographers, courtesy of professional photographers, Marincat Photography

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