Wedding Photographers – Wedding of Elham and Hamed

Wedding Photographers – Wedding of Elham and Hamed

It was a pleasure to be wedding photographers for Elham and Hamed’s for their relatively small ceremony here in Vancouver.  They had their second wedding, a much larger one back home a couple weeks later. They were thankful their parents happily took on the task of organizing such an important even for them. This way they could enjoy their beautiful day without any added stress.

Even though they didn’t hire a professional photographer back home they wanted some beautiful photos taken in Vancouver as they feel Vancouver has some real, natural beauty. They made sure to allocate enough time before their wedding ceremony here so we could go to a few scenic locations in Vancouver depicting Vancouver’s Nature and a bit of Downtown.

Given the time they allocated, we got to go through some beautiful Vancouver locations and take pictures at setting that represent the beauty of Vancouver in a few different ways.

Their ceremony was nothing short of FUN! Before and after the ceremony they were completely willing to have fun and so was their bridal party along with their guests. It was a pleasure to be a part of the scenic pictures, the ceremony, and the fun atmosphere. It was great to try out different ideas coming from really nice people and try out some of our ideas as well. Thank you Elham and Hamed for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography 1

Wedding Photography 2

Wedding Photography 3

Wedding Photography 4

Wedding Photography 4



Wedding Photography 5

Wedding Photography 6

Wedding Photography7

Wedding Photography 8

Wedding Photography 9
Wedding Photography 11

Wedding Photography 12

Wedding Photography 13

Wedding Photographers. Courtesy of professional photographers, Marincat Photography



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